• Wilamina Russo

Love Art Collect - newsletter coming soon!

Love Art Collect is your monthly art outing with a friend, without having to actually go anywhere!

Once a month, one page. Lots of arty tidbits.

Such as:

Artist Highlights: there are so many beautiful artists, too many for me to have on the podcast! So this is where I will show you who else I am adoring for the month.

Gallery Insights - a quick overview of who, what, where, and how much you can expect to spend in some of Australia's fabulous galleries.

Art Lingo Explained - like why does the art world say acquired, rather than bought? And what's gouche?

Art Heist History - so many robberies and so many vanishing valuables.

The Odd Art How To - Like Salon Walls and framing and hanging in the home.

Podcast peruse - who's been on, and who's coming up on Interview With An Artist.

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