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Why Art Books Are A Great Gift

Following on from my last post about giving the gift of art, art books are a fabulous option when wanting to give a piece of art. Here's why.

  • Affordability - beautiful art books range from $60 to $150. For example I LOVE Frida Kahlo, however it is highly unlikely I will ever have the millions of dollars it would cost to buy a Frida Kahlo painting. However I could (and did) buy the beautiful full colour, hard cover Frida Kahlo, Making Her Self Up. And I love it dearly. Or for an Aussie icon? Ken Done. A fantastic new book (pictured below) on the much loved artist has just been released by Australian curator, writer and creative hustler Amber Creswell Bell,

  • A complete collection - some books cover a theme, for example Clay or A Painted Landscape, both by Creswell Bell. These books have imagery from of a range of talented artists specific to the practice, giving you automatic insight (or shopping list) for the types of pieces a beautifully curated collection would have.

  • Learn a little - not all art lovers want or need to do a masters in art history, however if we like an artist or a certain style, chances are we might be interested to know a little more about that specific topic. With some art books, not only do you get big, beautiful, full colour imagery in a luxury hard cover, you may also find some text about each work, or the specific artist.

  • International travel - Going to an exhibition of a much loved artist in an international gallery is a little way off (i'm betting at least 12 months). Solution? Take a trip between the pages of an art book! Paris Chic is on my wish list. Possibly more anthropological than pure artistic, you get a sneak peak into the lives and homes of everyday Parisians.

  • Easy return - ok, so you get it completely wrong. Your loved one is a fan of impressionism and you bought a book on realism - the ism is what got you right? Don't panic. Got the receipt? Take the book back, get the right one.

So next time you are looking to a piece of art for a gift (or even for yourself), don't discount the book store. You might just find a fantastic alternative.

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